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turkeys481With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I wondered what traditions other people share for the holidays. There are things we do that I don’t understand why we do them for a holiday and not other times. My (immediate) family aren’t big drinkers. We rarely have an alcoholic beverage with dinner. Yet, at the holidays we almost always do.

Image2turkeyI like the tradition that an extra plate setting is prepared in case a hungry person happens by.

turkeysparsonsrdWe have certain foods besides the turkey and gravy that are always there — namely the pea salad and cranberry salad.

turkeyrt4813I know I’ll be the one making the gravy which my family view as the nectar of the Gods — so no pressure there to get it perfect.

christamasThere are even traditions for the day after the holiday. Some people it is a big shopping day. Our family it is eating the leftovers and putting up the Christmas tree.

No matter the holiday — what are some of your family’s favorite traditions?