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Nox is the only living creature I have ever met who exuded unconditional love all the time. She only knew how to give.

Image5noxShe loved birds but never tried to hurt one.

Image4noxlokiSince summer I have adjusted to the fact that my cat Loki was quite ill and she wouldn’t be with me much longer. Multiple times she almost died and some how rallied. In the weird way I get messages from the Universe — I was “told” that my cat would die unexpectedly. This is the tough part of interpreting info from the Other Side. I assumed we were talking about Loki. I never imagined we were talking about Nox. Nox and I were supposed to have at least 10 more years together.

Image18NoxNox was young and healthy and active. Everything about yesterday was normal — she ate and played and followed me from room to room. This morning I found that she had passed in the night.

Image5noxSpiritually, I know that what made Nox Nox — her unconditional Love still exists — her spirit still surrounds me. She has just laid aside this body. This of course doesn’t stop me from mourning her presence in my life. Missing her waiting outside my bedroom door this morning or tackling my sheets as I make the bed.

Image2noxEven how Nox died is a gift to all of her Unconditional Love — she reminds us all that none of us know when we will lay aside our bodies — truly this moment may be the only one we have. Nox’s sudden passing reminds me to make that phone call — give the forgiveness — say I love you — make the change that I know needs to be made.

Image8noxToday all I can do is aspire to give in a portion of the unconditional love to others that Nox gave to me.