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redadmiralbutterflyLately, I’ve struggled with the notion that I should be doing something BIGGER with my life. Maybe I should start a non-profit? Or establish my own town that is entirely synthetic fragrance-free? Or sue my government for allowing me to legally be poisoned with toxic chemicals?

whitebutterflyIn the silence when I let my mind be still and I stop striving, I got the answer that NOTHING is too small. ABSOLUTELY EVERY DECISION I MAKE HAS AN IMPACT ON THE WORLD. This at first comforted me. Just a smile or small gift could change someone’s life. Conversely, I realized some snarkiness on my part could also change the course of someone’s life. It is a pretty scary thing to think that everything I do or say or think could affect the entire planet.

silverwashedfritillarybutterflyThe Butterfly Effect is the idea that the almost imperceptible movement of air caused by the movement of a butterfly’s wings could drastically affect the weather patterns somewhere else in the world.

whiteadmiralbutterflylakenAs I was sitting working on my computer this morning, my cat Nox threw up. My instinct said stop what you’re doing — clean it up now. My logic said, it will only take 5 minutes to finish what you’re doing on the computer — wait. As I was getting ready to clean up the mess — my blind cat Loki walked through the mess and just kept walking. Now a little mess became a big mess. And there was my reminder that EVERY decision I make has an affect on my life no matter how small. And my decision didn’t just effect me. Loki just spent 15 minutes thoroughly cleaning her paws.

pearlcresecentbutterflieslakenSometimes we can’t possibly conceive that something we gave no thought to may change someone else’s life forever. When I first started my spiritual journey I was really big on asking for signs. I am a scientist it was my way of testing the system. I needed a direction for a dilemma I was in. So I requested that if I was supposed to move forward the Universe (God — Grace — Infinite Intelligence) would send me Big Bird (as in the Sesame Street character). I don’t know why I choose this specifically other than I was very unlikely to see Big Bird. I taught high school kids not pre-schoolers, my son was older … Shortly, after I asked for this sign a student walked in wearing a tee-shirt with Big Bird on it.

monarchbutterflyopenImagine all the shirts that student could have worn that day and he chose that one and changed a life forever.

Image9butterfliesI guess today I need to stop striving and worrying so much about the big stuff. Everything — absolutely everything — started as a small choice. World peace can start with one kind word — a hug — a tee shirt with Big Bird on it. Peace starts today with each decision we choose — each thought we have — every action we take.

Have you noticed that the smallest of your actions had a big effect?