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Sometimes my small town becomes all there is and I forget what lies beyond its borders. With MCS (Multiple Chemicals Sensitivities) sometimes my borders don’t extend beyond the four walls of my house. When I get online to write a post or upload some photos — I forget that all borders are now non-existent. Anyone anywhere in the world can read my words and view my photos. But is that the same thing as experiencing what is in my photos?

firstsnowRecently, a relative visited whom I have not seen in many years. He is coming back in January to bring his girlfriend who has never seen snow. I’m sure she has probably seen pictures of snow and seen movies with snow but she has never experienced it. Yesterday, we had our first Lake Effect Snow Advisory and it was spitting snow. Anyone in my little snowbelt part of the world would know the meaning of spitting snow but I realized much of the rest of the world may not. In fact, we are one of the few parts of the world that gets lake effect weather. The snow advisory was supposed to end 7 am this morning — it is now 8:38 am and snowing harder than ever. A snowband is sitting over the top of our town.

dustingsnowSo what does this have to do with Love? Trying to predict snowfall is about as easy as predicting whom we will fall in love with. We may all have different ways of describing weather and different experiences with what form moisture falls from the sky. Love is like that — we have different ways of describing it and different experiences with what form it takes. But it needs to be experienced to be real. We can describe it and write poetry and make movies and bake heart-shaped cakes. But love doesn’t exist until we allow ourselves to be present within our very beings. Watching someone else fall in love in a movie is nice but it is not real love. The experience of true unconditional Love cannot be contained within a set of words.

I hope you get to experience love today in all its glory. What’s the best description you’ve ever heard for the word LOVE? How do you know when you’re feeling love?