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Are most people aware of the many changes that occur in one half hour? As a former earth science teacher I taught some changes are instantaneous (lightning) and some occur over extremely long time spans (the erosion of the Grand Canyon). How many half hours have we lived even in one day where we wonder how we got from rising from our bed and then sinking back into it — without being aware of the in between?

Yesterday, I gave myself a stress headache stressing over a hurt done to me the day before. I spent three hours or 6 half hours fretting over this issue. In the end, I let it go. I didn’t send an email or make a call or demand an explanation. I walked away. If there was any conflict that needed to be resolved, I first needed to resolve the one in my heart first. And THEN when my heart is at peace — if I still need to — I will discuss the situation with the other person.

Later in the day, I was very thankful I hadn’t fired off an angry email. I watched the sunset at Lake Neatahwanta last night — one of the most magnificent ever. In one half hour the sky changed from this to that:

The sky looked so very different in such a short time. This is what 316 Days in the Pursuit of Love has brought me. I used to see most changes in my life occurring like the erosion of the Grand Canyon. Changes from a 6-year-old girl to 16 to 36 to over 50 — I might notice, but not the subtle offerings of change from a friend. Indeed the last moment of the sunset was the most important to me. I was not sad. I was happy for the joy of the journey watching it set. The peace that I didn’t have to travel far to find glory.

This morning I played the Pandora radio station on my computer while I worked with my photos for this post. I always ask Grace to play music that will tell me the path I need to see. The first song was Ladies Night by Kool and The Gang. I smiled — it meant to me that I need to put myself first. That I deserve fun and to be treated well.

When I actually started to resize my photos a song played by Stevie Wonder where he sings about the sun and ribbons in the sky. I had chosen 9 photos for today’s post that show how quickly the sky changes. I was looking at ribbons in the sky as the song played. It was a reminder to me that if I’m stuck on the anger of the past or worrying about what is yet to come — I am going to miss the beauty that is right in front of me. Each of the nine songs that played on Pandora for that half hour told me a story of what I need to do to open my heart. They will probably mean nothing to you and that is okay — you are on your own journey.

Where will your journey of a half and hour take you today?




Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder


The Other Side of Love by Amy Stroup


Say (All I Need) by OneRepublic


Mermaid by Train


Eternal by Glass Pear


True Believers by Darius Rucker


100 Years By Five For Fighting


One Love/People Get Ready by Bob Marley


Shake It by Michael Franti

Try taking each half hour of the day today as a separate journey and let me know all the places you went. How does your inner voice speak to you?