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flagsToday, I honor all the veteran’s and active military for putting their lives on the line to safe guard my basic rights as a human being. I pray that some day we will no longer need to celebrate a veteran’s day, instead we will celebrate a peace day. A day to recognize that it has been so long since a war was fought — that we no longer have any veterans. A day when no matter what side a soldier is fighting on — no parent has to bury another child.

If ever there is a day for me to pursue love it is today. Soldiers fight for love of their country and their families. But why do governments wage war? Fear starts wars and only love and forgiveness can truly bring real peace. What would the world be like if we took half our military budget and spent it on schools and humanitarian aid? I am not naive enough to believe that today we can just stop having a military. But I am hopeful enough that someone in power will see the need to shift to helping repressed and starving people before they rise up in anger — before violence is the only way they can be heard.

I hope for every veteran and military personnel a day of peace and love.