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CanadaGeeseOswegoI love this picture because the geese in the photo reflect the many personalities of people I know.

The goose who barely dips his/her beak in testing the waters.

The goose who sticks his/her whole head.

The goose who wants to be anonymous and no one gets to see his/her face.

The goose who is present but hides his/her head so that no one will notice them.

The goose going in the opposite direction from all the other geese.

The geese circling the main action and observing but not joining in.

The goose who allows the water to flow off his/her beak.

And the goose who wholeheartedly dives right in and doesn’t care what how silly he/she looks.

Which goose are you? Are you currently the goose you’ve always wanted to be?

I think during my life I have been all of these geese. At the present moment, I believe I am most like the one going in the opposite direction of the main group. I don’t view this a brave thing. I just take the view that for the first time in a long time — it is more important to me to live MY truth and not someone else’s.

Are you living your truth today? If not what is preventing you from living it?