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oswegoharborMy dad and I drove around today so I could take pictures. It was cold and cloudy (as usual).


I asked him to pull over so that I could take photos of this marshy area.


There are always a lot of Canada geese in our area, but this time of year they start gathering in greater numbers for the migration south.


I was quite enjoying taking photos of the geese feeding. At one point, I heard my dad turn the car engine off (he is the most patient man). The car was behind me and to the right. The geese were in front of me and to the left.


My dad hollered, “Look left.” My instinct was to look at the speaker, so I turned to the right. My dad repeated, “Look left.” I did — looking back at the geese feeding in the water. We repeated this verbally dance three times. Finally, my dad said, “Never mind. It is too late.” He had wanted me to see the geese that were walking across the road.

This incident made me wonder — how often does my inner voice speak to me and I either don’t listen or look the wrong way? How many acts of love or kindness have I missed out on in my life because I was too focused on something else?

lakeontariosunriseI came home and meditated — something I haven’t been very diligent about lately. In order to hear one must be silent so that we are available to listen to the softest of whispers. My mind has not been very silent lately.

What did you hear in the silence today?