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fallentreerhlWhen a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound if no one is there to hear it?

fallenlogrhl3I don’t know who first posed this question. But as I came upon this fallen tree today my first thought was: Wow that must have made a racket when it fell. But did it? Some would argue that yes it made a lot of noise when the base cracked and the tree crashed into other trees — whether I was there or not to hear it. It could also be argued that for sound to exist one needs a transmitter — the tree crashing — and a receiver — a person’s ear. Without both there is no sound.

fallenlogrhl2This brought me around to the question: What happens if I stand in the woods and say loving thoughts about a person? Does that love still exist if they aren’t around to hear the words or they aren’t capable of receiving that love?

fallenlogrhl4I believe that God is and always has been and always will be — LOVE. And I know there are numerous times I am not capable of receiving that love. So I am choosing to go with that — yes — if love is sent it exists whether it is acknowledged or not. In fact, I think the best people for me to practice sending love to are the people there is a very small chance that they will ever send me love back. These people I would send my love to with no attachments — no expectations — no required commitments. Maybe then I could better accept that GRACE sends me LOVE every second of every day whether I believe I deserve it or not. I believe that LOVE is sent with no attachments — no expectations — no commitments. All I have to do is open my heart and claim it.

What do you think?