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loggranbyIn logging when there is a logjam, the loggers look for a kingpin — the one log that if it is moved — sometimes only a little bit — all the other logs start flowing freely. This is where our friends — mentors — spiritual guides come in.


logoswegoriverSometimes we can be jammed up by lots of things that all look like good things. Say you get 6 job offers — which one do you take? Say you follow your intuition and pick the “right” one. And even if you’re offered the job everything gets jammed up preventing you from starting your new position.

Image8logThis happened to a friend of mine. First one child’s cancer came back — that was successfully treated. And then a second child needed surgery — that was successfully performed. And then she became ill. All through these events she kept her eye on the kingpin “the right time” — she KNEW that the job she had accepted would be there for her — no matter how long it took for her to actually start — and it was.

logslakepathThe tough thing about identifying our kingpin is that we assume that if we are being blocked from what we want that we did something wrong. Maybe all you have to do is take one more step forward to claim your goal. When things get jammed up — often people panic and start exploring a whole bunch of different avenues. This adds more logs to the logjam — it doesn’t remove them. The Universe is like — hmmm — maybe she didn’t want that dream job after all. Maybe she likes interviewing or filling out job applications. If she isn’t holding to that this job is HER’S and nothing will stop her — maybe it’s not the dream job — so more choices are given.

loglakepath2I think from my life — my kingpin is holding onto the past. I’m not a business success with my writing or photography because I still in my head often think about teaching earth science. I still see myself in a classroom. I don’t mean a with a sense of loss. I mean I still think about how I could teach this lesson better or reach out to kids.

fallentreeI think a big kingpin for a lot of people — especially young people is where are they living. If you’re living in your parents’ house — no matter how supportive your parents are of you — they are still treating you like THEIR child — and children don’t get dream jobs — adults do. In the US we don’t have a rite of passage to say AND NOW my child is an adult. Is it 18 or 21 or when you graduate college or get a job?

logoswegoIt is really up to the young adult to draw the line if they want their dreams fulfilled. If you were at your dream job: Would mom cook your meals every night or do your laundry? If not — start cooking your own and do your own laundry. Would dad get you out of bed and determine how you were going to spend your day? Or would you get up every day at the time your dream job started and do whatever it took to get there? If you have any income at all  — you should pay rent and buy your food and put gas in your car. In other words BE AN ADULT not a child no matter how convenient it is to have your parents do for you. If you were living on your own at your dream job and your parents wouldn’t being doing                 fill in the blank — then start doing it yourself NOW. No excuses.

Image9pathlogProbably the biggest kingpin of all is believing other people’s doubts or limitations. A professor once told our class there was no way anyone could finish the research project he was giving us in the three-week period of the class. He gave a one week extension beyond the last class date. We had to write an environmental geology paper that was entirely researched by interviews. I didn’t know about the Law of Attraction back then but my first thought was — “No Way. This is my last class to get my certification to teach earth science. Nothing is getting in the way of that.” The teacher then announced the next day was a field trip and since I had gone on it a few weeks earlier for a different class, I didn’t have to go. I got up that next morning and through perfect synchronicity had my interviews done and my paper was on his desk a few days after the assignment was given. The professor’s doubt was the kingpin. The other students left it jammed in place and struggled with their papers. I just brushed it aside.

So what do you think your kingpin is?