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I am finding that to welcome love into my life — first I have to welcome back curiosity. Even if it is fuzzy and small. I’ve realized with yesterday’s post and Sarah’s and Sonda’s and Linda’s comments — I’ve lost most of my curiosity. With my MCS disability — I don’t want to know why some people don’t believe I am really sick — I just want them to trust me when I tell them I am. I don’t want to know why the companies using the “TOXIC KILLING CRAP” (quote from Sonda) — I just want them to stop. I don’t want to know why people think they can’t be poisoned from toxic chemicals in their personal care products and cleaners and air “fresheners” — I just want the veil of denial that this can’t happen to me or my loved ones — to be lifted.

I think curiosity could be the spark as to why anyone including myself is missing out on what we want. Why is a really great question to ask today. If I don’t have enough love in my life — why? If people aren’t supporting me to have a healthy life by leaving off the fragrances — why? Yes — sometimes people are as toxic as the fragrances they wear. But why? Sometimes people are sweeter than the smell of the toxic scent they have applied to their bodies. But why would they not make this little change?

If it is going to be a fight to educate my town of the need to go Fragrance-free — at least now I know the “weapon” is the question Why? 

Let me know if you ask the question “Why?” and if you get any answers.