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wildflowerMaybe there would be more peace in the world if we focused on the similarities found with other living creatures rather than differences. I looked at this flower and I saw hearts and the X and Y for DNA. The same as humans.

Would we have the same disdain for a homeless person — if we saw in their eyes the same desire for a better life that we have?

Would we get angry when someone cut us off on the highway — if we saw the worry on their face that if they didn’t rush they have would little time with their kids again?

Would we want to break up marriages between people of the same sex — if we saw desire for the same love in their eyes that you had for some one of the opposite sex?

Would we love all creatures — if we saw their hearts instead of their skin color? If we had the chance to change everyone’s DNA so that would all be the same race — would that makes us more loving? Or would we then just move on to find some inconsequential difference to feed the need to be biased?

What do you think?