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gullslakeI almost slept too late to watch the lunar eclipse. I knew it was cloudy but I had hopes.

gullslake2I got to the lake a few minutes after total eclipse started. It would last an hour and the clouds started to clear. And I hoped.

sunriselakeThe clouds cleared and cleared and cleared but at the same rate that the moon set. I never saw the moon.

cormorants2Not to waste my trip. I tried to get some cormorant pictures.

cormorantsThey take off if I get too close. And the light was still low. So no crisp clear shots today.

gullslake3I almost meditated at the gazebo today. But I didn’t want to disturb the gulls. So I walked in the woods. And came back to try again.


The word apparently spread as one after another gull landed on the walkway. I could have scared them off but causing fear in another creature seemed to defy the purpose of meditation and this blog. So I settled for leaning against the rail …


and having an almost day. If you didn’t have a perfect day today — I hope you at least had an almost day.