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Image2cake100Happy Birthday! 

I know people who really LOVE celebrating their birthday. Others who say they don’t care but REALLY do. Others who like to spend it in solitude. And others who have never had the special day acknowledged.

So I thought today, that I would wish everyone born on this day a Happy Birthday. Thus the title of post — but if you opened the post and it wasn’t your birthday — it is okay — we’ll start the celebration early and just come back on your birthday and receive your birthday wish.

What I really wish is that you get celebrated as the unique loving person who you are EVERYDAY by EVERYONE. I  hope you get to celebrate the day in the manner which most brings you joy. I hope you are surrounded by people who love you. I hope you remember that the greatest present to receive today is the gift of you.

Before you ask — no it is not my birthday — and no I’m not going to tell you when it is — but today is a friend’s birthday — so Happy Birthday to my friend and all of you. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could have a party with everyone born on our special day?

What is your favorite thing to do on your birthday?