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Sometimes, I feel stuck when I am looking for a life direction. Often — but not always — I get very clear signs what to do with my life. I prayed for some guidance today. If I received signs then I must have missed them. I sat down to write a different post when I noticed a folder on my computer. I had created it in July and when I saw the title “birds on light” — I didn’t remember creating the folder and certainly didn’t remember what was in it. This picture was there. It may mean nothing to you but it is very clear to me what it means.

Image5gullI have been looking for the light in my life from the wrong source. Human sources will always leave me off-balance  — the power can be turned off at any time — I have to pay to receive its benefits — others can control whether I receive the light or not.


THE LIGHT surrounds me ALL of the time — all I have to do is open my heart and let it in and then I will be able to see all there is to see.

I hope you have a brilliant day today. What do you do when you are stuck how to move forward in life?