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Sunrise is getting later each day but the school bus schedule remains the same. This means if I want to see the sunrise over the lake and I don’t want to breathe in toxic fumes from the buses — I stand there for some time in the dark.


Through the fog — the light of the new day — slowly reveals the beauty of the day.


As there are more and more things to focus on — I often forget why I am here. The here being at the lake and on this planet in general.


I realized I was walking with my ego this morning. All around me was peaceful and lovely and tranquil. I thought I was too.


It was dark when I got out of bed this morning. I was proud of myself for driving to the lake when I could have slept in. As I walked, I hunted for that perfect shot — the shot that people would love on my Sunday slideshow, the shot for the next art show, the shot that I might be able to sell.


The trees were annoying me — they were blocking my view of the changing sky — so I moved closer to the lake. And I remembered. That all the really great shots happened because I allowed myself to be present in the moment. I allowed life to flow to me and through me — without seeking to sell it or capture it or control it.


I turned around from taking the picture of the sky and almost collided with this flower. I believe it is a woodland sunflower but the name does not matter. What matters is that I walked past it without seeing it. What matters is that I had already photographed it and didn’t even realize it until I got home. What matters is that for a moment I allowed myself to just allow Source to show me the beauty that is always there if I just stopped and allowed myself to stop striving.


Here is the photo again if you missed the flower the first time you looked at the photos. I hope you’ll pause with me today and see what unexpected beauty and peace shows up in your life.