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On the way back from a walking trip with my friend, she commented that it was going to be a beautiful sunset. Earlier that night I had commented that I was working hard living up to the thought that it is better to be kind than right. In truth, I didn’t think it was going to be a pretty sunset because the clouds were thickening. When I got home I ate dinner and her voice came back into my head. I looked outside — it didn’t look interesting BUT it was a warm fall night so why not. I drove to the lake to watch the sunset. It has been weeks since I have done this.


When I arrived there was only a bit of color. But it was peaceful so I stayed.


Two geese swam by and I prepared to leave. The clouds had thickened even more. The crescent moon was no longer visible — it seemed the light show was over. A young lady climbed the hill back to her car a ways a way from me. When see went to return to her friend — she walked behind me and commented, “Isn’t the sunset beautiful especially the way it reflects off the lake?” I agreed. She walked back down the hill rejoined her friend and a moment later — again a ways a way — walked back up the hill and left. A thought came into my head. You always leave too early. Don’t quit a moment before the miracle.


And so I stayed. A moment after the young lady left. I stood in awe. Photos could not do this sunset justice. But I will share what I can.



That morning I had decided to give up on something I had prayed for — for a very long time…

sunset5But now I realize that maybe I should stop quitting the moment before the miracle happens.


I hope you got whatever miracle you prayed for today — don’t quit like me the moment before it manifests.