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cormorantsWhy do some people achieve their Big Dreams and other people do not?


Some people don’t know their life purpose or they’re ignoring their life purpose or they’re afraid of their life purpose.

I believe ALL people have a major life purpose: teacher, healer, artist, gardener, networker, innovator. nurturer, activist…

This may cause strife in our own selves to figure out which one we are supposed to be — but as always — it is easy to spot if someone else got it right or not.

If you’ve been seen by more than a few people in the medical profession — you know which ones are healers and which ones are intelligent people with degrees.

A waitress could have any one of the above life purposes:

gullsNurturer: In college, I had a cold. I went out to breakfast, ordered my food and tea. The waitress brought me a glass of orange juice. I told her she had the wrong table. She told me that I needed my vitamin C and to get some rest and take care of myself….  and stood there until I drank my vitamin C.

fallfoliagerhlNetworker: I was meeting a friend at a diner. We  were both coming from other cities. I waited and waited and then I worried. No friend. Apparently, my friend was doing the same thing at the only booth that was out of sight. We had two different waitresses. My waitress figured it out that we belonged together.

Activist: Of the three places my dad and I usually eat breakfast:  one waitress has mild MCS herself, one has a sister with severe MCS and one had never heard of MCS before. The first two waitresses are understanding if I have to move tables. The third I put in the activist category. Without me asking, she stopped wearing fragrance on the chance I might come in to the restaurant. She tries to steer people away from me if they have fragrance on. If she sees me get out the car, my order is started before I ever walk in the door. She has gotten dirty looks from other customers when my food comes first. One chilly day, the choice was me having fresh air with the window open or the person with the toxic fragrance being cold — she told me to open the window.

fall folliageI’m sure you’ve had a waitress that fits one of each of these categories at some point like the artist waitress who draws a picture on the bill and arranges the table so that it is beautiful.

I would suggest if you are unhappy in your job — it is not primarily because of low pay or an incompetent boss or a long commute. It is because you are not putting your life purpose to use. If this was the case, why are there so many unhappy people in high paying jobs, who are their own boss…? I taught in a classroom but my life purpose was to be a gardener — not a gardener in the traditional sense with plants — but a person who plants seeds that are thoughts or ideas or Ah Ha moments. I knew this and used my life purpose within the parameters of my job. I was NEVER the teacher who got the dedication in the year book or the one who got nominated as most spirited at the pep assembly. Because I wasn’t a teacher, I was gardener. I was considered a successful teacher, but I knew I had fulfilled my life purpose when the next years teachers were raving about a student in class and that same student had struggled the year before. I planted the seeds and they grew.

sparrowsIf you don’t know your life purpose look at the things your friends ask for help with — do they all ask for help decorating — maybe you’re an artist — or do they all call you when they are sick — maybe you are a healer… If you know your life purpose and are frustrated — is it the lack of fame or fortune that is frustrating? Because no matter what you are doing — you can incorporate your life purpose.

wildflowersAre your career and life purpose the same? If they are different how do you use your life purpose in your career or daily activities?