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SarahsroseSteve Harvey  has a new book out, “Think Like a Success, Act Like a Success”. I haven’t had the privilege of reading it yet — but — I have heard him speak about it. The most riveting thing I heard him say was — “Your dreams have to be bigger than your fears.”

Paulo Coelho said on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday — “If you think the world is small, it will really be small. If you think the world is big, it will be big.”

beaverlake2I, from a number of other sources have been “told” to listen to my “dreams”. I took this literally as my nighttime dreams — which I rarely remember as more than snippets. Now I realize, dreams are dreams whether it is daytime or nighttime.

I realize I have been dreaming very small and that my fears are very large. I don’t mean small dreams like I should leave my small hometown for the lights of the big city. I mean that I’m entitled to dream of abundance and love and bliss — rather than just paying the tax bill.

rabbitgranbygetawaytrailOn Steve Harvey, he had a segment about a son who bought his dad a 57 Chevy. This may be no big deal except it was the fulfillment of a promise he made when he was 8 years-old to buy his father his favorite car on his 57th birthday. The father said, he remembered that promise but didn’t think his son remembered what he said as an 8 year-old.

I’ve known since I became disabled with MCS, that the door to my old life and profession was closed and dead-bolted. At my age – of more than half a century — I really wanted to find my bliss — or legend — or purpose — whichever term you prefer.

questionmarklitterYesterday, I parked at the lake as I often do for my nature walk. I walked the short distance into the woods along the trail that is rutted and littered from the fisherman who forgot to “tread softly” upon Mother Nature’s gifts. As I walked, a childhood thought came back to me — How can nature photographers be so lucky to have a job where they get paid to take pictures and be with nature all day? At the time, it never occurred to me that I could do that too. At 8 years-old, I had no trouble dreaming of winning the Grand National Steeplechase even though I did not live in England, didn’t know how to ride a horse and at that time women were banned. I also frequently dreamed of becoming the first female astronaut and of course President of the US.

cormornantslakeneatahwantaI DID live (as you’ve seen from my photos) in a town with an abundance of beautiful natural settings. I DID own a white Princess camera. I had the basic tools to become a nature photographer. I DID later earn a BS in Zoology. I have a love and knowledge about nature. And still, I watched nature documentaries and looked at the amazing photos on calendars — and still I thought — how blessed are those people to have the opportunity to be paid to go have fun. 

I’m not sure if I’m a slow learner or rather all the obstacles that I went through to get to this point were necessary for me to appreciate the gifts I have been given. The gift I was given was to be able to share the beauty of nature with you.


I’ll explain tomorrow why I think nature photography is my gift vs my purpose. Until then are you doing what you love? If not why not?