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G — Grace

R — Reflection

A — Awareness

T — Teaching

I — Inspiring

T — Tenacious

U — Understanding

D — Determination

E — Effort

Image2cloudsThis past week was Invisible Illness Awareness Week. Above I listed a few of the words that I feel summed up what people put forth this week. And I hope express the gratitude I feel towards everyone who visited and commented and liked and followed and most importantly to me — passed the message and the awareness on to others. I don’t blog for the statistics. If I was worried about higher stats, I would make it so you couldn’t read my posts in the Reader and you had to visit my site. I explain this first so that you understand that my gratitude toward each of you who raised the “highest views” to my site 4 time this week — matters. It matters because it tells me people really do care and really do want to make changes and really are becoming more conscious of the suffering of the millions of people who have been invisible for so long.

Image4cloudsYour kind words for my Mom and friends have been so uplifting. I tell them all how much what they do matters — ALL THE TIME. I don’t think they all got it until this week. Not wearing perfume and changing laundry soaps seemed like such small acts of kindness to my friends and family. They finally, (I think) get that these are global — life-changing actions. They are without realizing it — trailblazers to show others how accommodating those with MCS can be done.

Image2cloudsMy mom’s post (Day 254) took over the top spot for total views from Day 31 In the Pursuit of Love. I find common threads in these two posts. Both are specifically about dealing with MCS. But the real theme to both is JUDGEMENT AND ACCEPTANCE. When I asked people to write the guest posts this week — I emphasized that I needed them to be honest about the difficulties caring for someone with MCS. I knew I was asking them to expose what they viewed as failings to be judged by the global community. What they found was acceptance and I thank all of you for that.

flyinggreatblueheronlakeLast night my mom was “beating herself up” about buying a vase and silk flowers at a garage sale. In her words, “They were pretty and only $1. But how could I be so stupid. I didn’t even think to smell them. And sure enough they had “fragrance” on them. Why can’t I just remember to check?” I told her that I still “screw up” out of habit and walk into situations with a “fragrance” and I should know better.

Image21sunsetI am grateful for the increased awareness — the appreciation for our caregivers — the change in attitude by increasing both visibility of our illnesses and us as human beings — and the increase in the awesome sharing of love this past week. I hope this awareness and love continues to grow exponentially.