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I am such a slow learner.

A couple of days ago, my neighbor’s granddaughter had a small table set up at the end of their driveway. This normally means a lemonade stand. I had just consumed a glass of lemonade so I really didn’t want another. And right now let’s just say the money is going out faster than it is coming in — so even a $1 is a lot of money. But I realized I have spent a lot of time lately talking to people about welfare in our town and how few people want to work for their checks. Here was a little girl willing to sit patiently at the end of the driveway in the hopes that even one person would stop. How could I squash this entrepreneurial spirit. So, I raided the bottom of my purse for some quarters and walked over.

braceletI wish I had her actions on video. When she noticed a potential customer coming her way — she jumped up and straightened her chair. She took a quick look up the street to make sure I hadn’t turned at the corner. She then straightened the items she had on display and took another quick check to see if I was still headed her way. When I got there the first thing I was offered was not a sales pitch but a free glass of water. And then she showed me the bracelets she had made. She didn’t do the hard sales pitch, but she was prepared to show me how they were made and to adjust the size so that it was comfortable. I made my purchase and after chatting with her grandpa for a bit — I headed home.

This young child is clearly a born entrepreneur. I think all kids are born naturally knowing where their talents lie. I applaud her grandpa for giving her the tools: cardboard box, table, chair, materials for a sign AND THEN getting out of her way. While we spoke — he polished his car. He didn’t come running over to tell her what to say or what to do — he gave her the trust and respect to own her own abilities.

So that is all the side story to me being a slow learner.

I know that spiritually if I want something I need to give it first (Law of Abundance). This of course seems complicated when I want more money to be giving away what little I have. But indeed that is what happened. I openly and joyously spent that $1. I came home and was chilly so I changed into long pants. I put my hand in my pocket and there was $40. I smiled. 😀 I got the message — or so I thought.

Here finally comes the Duh am I slow part.

Later that night, I was laying down having gone through yet another exposure. I was thinking about how — no matter how little money I make — I want to give ten percent of it away.

Literally a moment later there was a knock at the door.

Two young men were selling candy bars for their church. Now, I can make the excuse that I already have candy in the house. Or the excuse my head was going to split open and it took everything I had to walk over to the door. Or that I had already given money that day. But indeed, I forget about the $40 and literally a minute after my agreement to donate 10 percent — I was given the opportunity to do so and I declined.

So yes. I am a slow learner. But I am a learner and that is what matters. With practice I will become more open to giving and therefore more open to receiving — whether it is money or love or even peace. The opportunities are always there — I’m just not always paying attention.

Have you ever done that — made a decision and then were given the opportunity to carry it out — and then out of habit you walked away from the chance to change?