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Image3sunsetgranbyfullmoonThe earth rotates — day follows night and night follows day. Most people have accepted this as truth. What happens if you love the sunshine and are terrified of the night? Would you do whatever it took to avoid the night? Get in plane and keep flying ahead of sunset? Would you suffer through the nighttime in agony and maybe convince yourself that the daylight will never come again?

Or would you accept that as long as we are human we are going to continue to go through never-ending cycles of “good” and “bad” or “joy” and “sorrow”?

I have seen the two extremes in my community the last few months. And it made me wonder — does the speed with which something occurs — make a difference to bringing about positive change in a large group of people? 

Image1midwaydrivinOn July 8th a tornado knocked down the 66 year-old movie screen at the Midway Drive-in. In seconds, this local landmark was closed. In weeks, over $40,000 poured in to rebuild, and this weekend the new screen is up and the theater has reopened. (Read story here.)(and the follow-up) and the most recent new’s report

lakealgae4Our lake has slowly filled in due to erosion from local farms. The response to clean it up has been equally slow. It has probably been 10-15 years since anyone swam in that lake. The last few years jars were put out to collect coins and $1 signs sold and chicken barbeques held to raise money to clean up the lake. Slowly the money dribbled in. Seeing that our community did have an interest in cleaning up the lake, Senator Ritchie fought for state money ($100,000) to assist in the cleanup. Shortly after all the toxic chemical testing had been done and the dredging began — the senator has acquired another $200,000 for the cleanup and revitalization of both our lake and our community. (My post with photos and updated photos)

The second thing I wondered was does it matter where you are on the rotation of life — how quickly you will make a change for the positive?

Image39lakeThe Midway Drive-in never went through a real negative downward spiral. It has brought joy and laughter and fun to generations. Is it that people were used to feeling good about this — that they were willing to fight so hard and so quickly to bring it back? Contrary to this — the lake slowly became unusable — and is located in a town that lost one factory and then another and then another. People got used to bad things happening. People got used to living with the negative.

lakedredge9Even now that the dredging has begun there is still negativity: tax money should be spent on something else — land owners along the lake should have to pay for some of the dredging — why bother to clean up a lake in a town no one wants to live in?

Today as I examine the “negative” things in my life that I hold onto — they are there because they slowly crept up on me and I adjusted bit by bit to the negativity until it became my norm. I have gone into pre-anaphylactic shock from a number of foods. I stopped eating them immediately and adjusted my diet accordingly. Yesterday, I wrote about having difficulty giving up meat — not for taste but because of my body’s reaction. And yet, if today, I went into pre-anaphylactic shock and my throat closed off from eating meat — I bet I would find a way to go vegetarian very quickly. I suffered for 5 years as each day I got a little bit sicker from toxic fragrances and other chemicals where I taught. It wasn’t until I couldn’t physically stand that I found that yes I could survive without that job and I can still live a vibrant life without scented candles or fabric softener and yes the people who love me will do this too.

I put certain words in ” ” because I really don’t think something is good or bad it is only my perception. I am finding in life that the “bad” stuff has taught me the greatest lessons.

What have you noticed about “quick” vs “slow” changes in your life? Have you been letting something in your life continue to get “worse” convincing yourself there is nothing you can do about it? Has world peace alluded us because we’ve gotten used to there always being a war someplace on the planet, so if a new war zone pops up — we barely notice?

To those who are seeking to “take animals off the menu” — I found this chart about nutrients in foods from Stephanie’s blog to already be useful.

I hope at Day 243 — you’ve made a few changes along with me to release the negative (fear) and allow in the positive (love). If not — now — is the best time to start.