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Have movies had an impact in your life?

A Sound of Music — I was inspired to believe that yes — good does triumph over evil.

The Wizard of Oz — I discovered that magic isn’t necessary to make one whole.

2001: A Space Odyssey — School can be cool. We were bused on a school day to the Oswego Theater.  I was spell-bound by the musical soundtrack —  the notion of living in space — that there could be technology called a computer.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks — I always loved musicals — and the whimsy of animation — but what I loved the most was the female character was the hero. She didn’t do this by overshadowing anyone or being some super strong warrior — she was a woman.

When Harry Met Sally — To me the relationships between the men and women seemed real — real problems — real humor — real insecurities — real anger — real love.

The Quite Man — Seriously John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in the same move AND set in Ireland — need I say more.

Soylent Green and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest — I would not want to see either of these movies a second time — but they both evoked strong emotions and were quite thought-provoking.

Sophie’s Choice — Heart-wrenching but a necessary reminder of a time in history that needs to be remembered until we no longer have moments like that in history.

There are certainly more movies I really enjoyed: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ET, Close Encounters, Casablanca. But I do notice a trend. The most recent movie I really connected with is 25 years old. Does that say something about me or the film industry? Considering that we tend to go to movies with our loves and our friends and our children — shouldn’t the movie be something that is enduring and impactful and thought-provoking and fills us up in some way? Or is it enough to just be entertained for a few moments and walk away no different than before we bought our popcorn?

What movies had a powerful impact on your life?

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