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I have heard recently how Seattle established its minimum wage for the entire city at $15 an hour. There was of course some who thought this was going to be a problem. Apparently, not so much. Seattle continues to prosper. If you’ve read enough of my blog posts you are now waiting to read — what the heck does minimum wage have to do with love?

I used to think when I was a kid that there were people who were showered with more love than they knew what to do with. (Yes. I read romance novels as a teen). And there were people who were abused and received very little love. And then there was the middle — people who had  a few friends and maybe a semi-happy marriage — loved but not ecstatic This middle was to me most of the people.

So how do we get more people up to the elite super rich in both money and love? I think the rules are the same. You can’t spend/give what you don’t have. And if you are feeling a sense of lack one tends to hoard or spend indiscriminately. I grew up around enough poor people who I watched either save every penny — worried that no more was going to come in — and there by miss an opportunity to invest in an improved life. Or — I’ve seen really poor people spend a months salary in a week and having nothing left for the other three.

I’ve also seen this in love. Some one who feel abandoned or unloved often either: hoard their love refusing to trust anyone with it or give it away without any boundaries.

Whether it is minimum wage or love — I believe that overall most people need to receive more. They need to have a base level of existence where they feel safe financially and emotionally so they in turn invest that money or love. Then the people who received it will have more to give and overall abundance goes up.

It confuses me that American companies choose to save money by cutting jobs. Those unemployed people now have no money to buy that product. Less products sold. More workers laid off. And on and on. It also confused me when I hear: “I’m not going to love him he doesn’t love me.” I’m not talking about having a relationship with the person. I’m not talking making a life with this person. BUT Love — real love — needs to be shared unconditionally. I don’t believe one can destroy unconditional love. I do believe if we don’t share it our ability to express it stagnates in our hearts and shrivels up and dies.

I support an increase in the financial minimum wage but I also support an increase in the love minimum wage.

What do you think about either topic?

Here’s a TED talk that gives a persuasive argument for raising the minimum wage in the US.