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I think all we need to learn about peace — we can learn from these tiny water plants.

In doing what they were created to do — photosynthesis — they serve others by creating food and cleaning the water and the air. They ask for nothing in return other than to be allowed to serve their true purpose.

I imagine as more and more individual plants moved into the neighborhood — there was no fighting over boundaries or comparisons over who was the prettier shade of green. They shared rather than fought over the natural resources. There is no jealousy or envy or fear.

They are content taking only what they need. They don’t try to do photosynthesis faster or better than their neighbor. They don’t try to find a way to store all the carbon dioxide they can so that they can make a profit from a neighbor. They are in balance with the world around them.

These little plants don’t take vacations from their work or go on strike or decide they are worth more than the plant next to them. They maintain their own unique individuality while working with others for the common good.

What would the world look like if humans:

Went to work to serve others rather than for the profit?

Stayed in balance with all of nature?

Neither used nor created more than they needed?

Worked in cooperation rather than competition?

Functioned without fear?

Released the need for boundaries?

Do you feel more at peace in a large city or on a nature trail? Why do you think that is?

Love and Peace,