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Image2midwaydrivinA few weeks ago, I wrote about the Midway Drive-in (Post 193). I wrote about my memories there. I wrote about the destruction of its massive screen. As in all things in life — it is after the destruction occurs that shows the true measure of a person — of a community — of society.

The owner, John, could have said, “a tornado is a sign to retire and makes lots of money selling the land for a development.” The patrons could have said, “it was fun while it lasted. At least there is a movie theater a few miles away.” The community could have said, “it’s not our problem.”

I think the biggest “lesson” out of all this destruction was the one taught by 13 year-old Maddie Rhinehart. I hear adults lists reasons they can’t do something: too young/old, not enough education, not enough money, don’t have the skills, no way other people will step up and help, it’s too big a problem… Maddie spearheaded a fundraiser t-shirt sale with her girl scout troop. In two weeks, they have raised $25,000 to help rebuild the screen.

Think about when you were 13. I at that age had limited skills, limited education, limited money, limited connections…. I don’t personally know Maddie but I have to surmise she has what most adults wish they had: an ability to ignore the magnitude of a problem, an ability to take action, an ability to make a commitment, an ability to not dwell on a problem but rather a to create a solution. So I say kudos to her and her whole troop.

For all the negative stuff I read, I love to hear great things being done by people — especially our young people. You can read the news article here. 

What great stories of a young person or any person have you heard lately?