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This number 76 is important to me because I feel as if I have been de-frauded. For almost a year, my stats have said that my best number of views for the day was 75. The thing I love to check on my stats page are the country flags. And yet, what distracted me — what is the first thing I see — dead center of the page — was the #75. In the first days of my blogging, I clicked on a whole bunch of stuff just to see how things worked. What did other people see. What I didn’t think about was that I had done this — not on my administrative site for my blog — BUT on part of the site you all see when you visit. So this #75 was of my doing. It was a fraudulent number.

Yesterday, when I went to bed the number said 72. I employed the Law of Attraction and visualized and created and accepted that when I awoke it would say 76 and it did. You might wonder why I didn’t try to manifest say maybe 1076 or even 10,076 visits? I never started my blog for prestige or popularity. I said I would keep blogging as long I was helping even one person have a happier day. No the #76 is about living my truth.

I would like to thank all of you responsible for the #76. I would like to thank all of my new followers. I would like to thank everyone for the very kind comments. ❤ 😀 ❤

I would like to thank Stephanie for her post Does your state recognize chemical sensitivity? Being that I am disabled with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, I of course looked and expected to see my home state of New York on the list. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I would like to thank fellow blogger and friend Sarah for asking to use some of my photos as part of one of her artistic endeavors. 😀 ❤ 😀

I would like to thank Joe Mohr for his cartoon bringing to light the vote on August 5 in Missouri to stop more indiscriminate use of our farm lands. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I would like to thank Melanie and Gigi for starting the site Artists4Peace to spread this message of peace around the world. But more importantly for me, by my declaring on their site that I too was pursuing this idea of world peace — I had committed myself to doing instead of thinking about it. ❤ 😀 ❤

I would like to thank my MCS (this with a hint of truth and sarcasm). Last night, I went to visit my mom and sat on the part of the couch that for no reason anyone can figure out — sets off my MCS. Today that means hives, migraine, fuzzy-headedness, nausea … GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


Helping me to remember that peace is about balance.

Helping me to remember that we are one. Whether you see us as one human species or one shared spirit — we are one. Whatever I put out into the world determines if I sail on calm waters or turbulent seas — not what side of an issue I am on.

Helping me to remember that I am not special.

If I’m special that means somehow I am better than you. If I’m special it means you are not. If I am judging you as less than me or even greater than me — there will never be peace. This does not mean I have to agree with what I perceive as wrong in the world. It means that I do not condemn or judge or belittle you for seeing the world differently than me. It means that I don’t spew more anger or hate or self-righteousness out into the world. It doesn’t mean I can’t be happy or joyful when someone compliments me. It means that I am simply that — joyful — not prideful or arrogant.

What are you thankful for today? What do you seek to remember? Would you rather seek peace or specialness?

Love and Peace,