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I had not heard of the Law of Attraction until around 9 years ago. Little did I know that it is like the Law of Gravity — it functions 100% of the time whether you never heard about it — actively disbelieve it — or practice it only once in a while. There are three main parts to the law with a fourth part if you’re going to manifest things aligned with your soul. The secular rules are: Step 1. you get what you focus on, Step 2. you create things from thoughts with strong emotions behind them, Step 3. things manifest when you allow them.

Lesson One: by default

Image8gardenThis came in hindsight. I became disabled with MCS — lost job — most of my friends — got really sick… I started to think (often and with strong emotion) what am I going to do with the rest of my life ( Step 1)? I was led to watch a seminar about publishing, which mentioned a great book on creating your writer’s platform. I mentioned to my friend Joe, that I needed to start a blog, and the book said I needed pictures for this. A few days later, Joe came over with a sale flyer in hand with a camera circled. My dad stopped over. I handed him the flyer and the next day he picked up the camera for me and I started the blog (Step 2). I walked out my front door and started taking pictures (Step 3).

Prior to becoming disabled, I had the rest of my life mapped out. After becoming disabled, I stopped looking at my life as it had been and even as it was at the time, and without realizing it, I manifested a whole new life and found a passion I never knew I had.

Lesson Two: Awareness

The Law of Attraction brought me lessons to learn to become skilled at my new found passion. At first, I was frustrated trying to take pictures of birds and bunnies. Thinking about how to get around the frustration of empty branches and blurry bunnies (Step 1) — I noticed a nature trail just a block from my house that I had never been on before (Step 2). I went for a walk and kept finding, for many months, interesting things to do with trees (Step 3).

At first just their beauty and how much I loved being in nature.


And then more interesting features appeared as I stopped trying so hard.


Although I worked for nearly two decades next to Lake Neahtawanta, I rarely took the time to go watch a sunset there. But wanting to hone my skills with changing light, I went many nights.

Lesson Three: Consciously Attracting

It wasn’t until recently that I noticed the pattern between me thinking about an animal (Step 1) and then starting to see it around more and more (Step 2). At first it would be very difficult to get a shot. And then as I saw more of the animals around, I relaxed and thought if I don’t get this shot, I’ll get the next one. And then I noticed that when I relaxed, the animals practically posed for me, and often I was the who moved off (Step 3). I worked so hard to get my first bunny pic, and then a dragonfly, and then a robin …. Now I have so many photos and I see these animals so often and I now have them approach me — it is almost comical.

Lesson Four: speed and frequency

One reason people with a lot attract a lot more is because that is what they think about and since they have a lot there is no reason to not expect more. They got it before they can get it again. I have photographed more rainbows in the last few months then I remember seeing for my entire life. The abundance of rainbows started by my “attracting” them with fellow blogger Sarah. We talked about them and each of us on two separate continents saw a rainbow. And then because I connected rainbows with Sarah — the more I thought about Sarah the more rainbows I saw. The more photos I took. The more rainbows I saw. And now I EXPECT to see rainbows. I don’t think of them as a rare thing anymore.

Lesson Five: not getting what i want

Allowing is the step in the process that I mess up. If I viewed this from computer use, it would look like this: Step 1 — turn on the computer, Step Two go the website like Hulu or TED, Step 3 — I don’t get to watch the video because I worry that there might be a virus so I never allow my computer to make the connection with the site.

With my photography, my allowing looks like this: I saw a monarch butterfly a few days ago at the lake. It flew off. I followed it but lost it. Yesterday, I saw a monarch butterfly at the lake. I decided I would get a shot of it eventually but never really relaxed into the moment. The butterfly literally did figure 8’s around me. Today, I spotted a monarch butterfly. I admired how beautiful it was. It landed, in a difficult position to get a great shot but I took a few photos and was grateful. The butterfly moved closer. I was more grateful. I started to have fun with it. The butterfly landed in front of me. I finally got tired of taking pictures and just watched it sit there. And finally, I was the one to move off. As I drove away from the lake, a monarch butterfly flew in front of my car as if to say hurry back I’ll be here.

Image1heronsWith my photography, my not allowing looks like this. I had all this same situation with great blue herons as I did with monarch butterflies. I now have over a hundred shots. I sold one photo with the person interested in purchasing more. I had photos picked out to go in an art show in a few weeks. I decided that I would like a great shot of a heron flying to offer my friend for purchase. On a daily basis I see the herons fly over my house and I see them at the lake. Since I decided I wanted this photo — no herons — the art show is cancelled — what’s up? I’ve certainly thought about it a lot. I got up and did all the things I should do with photography including going to where the herons hang out to get the shot. I went at different times of day. I haven’t seen one heron — not one — in days. The Law of Attraction always works. ALWAYS. It wasn’t until the monarch photos today and no heron sightings AGAIN that I got it.

I had started to think that the photos I already had weren’t good enough — there went my art show. I started to think how if I was going to sell my photos — now I have to think about being a self-employed business and that business stuff is no fun. I started to think how what I love about photography was taking pictures and being in nature. In other words: I WAS NOT ALLOWING. I WAS NOT MAKING THE CONNECTION. I DESTROYED MY ORIGINAL THOUGHT BY ENDING IT WITH A “BUT NOT REALLY”.

Are you following the Law of Attraction by default or on purpose today? If you want something really badly — what do you think is holding you back?