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Image2bulleadpointcormorantIf you could pick one word to describe yourself — what would it be?

Image3bunnyToday I chose to walk as I do most mornings to take photos and align myself with harmony for the day. Yeah right. I thought I was in harmony as entered the trail through the woods. After a minute there were a few mosquitoes and then a few more and then a swarm. I pulled my hands up into my coat and then my pulled hood tight around my head so only a little of my face was exposed. There were so many mosquitoes in front of my face it was had to see. I flailed my arms around — swatting them from my face. There was a bunny on the trail and I actually tried to take its picture through the swarm of mosquitoes.

It finally hit me that I was a tad bullheaded. I had decided to take this walk and no matter how much I suffered — I was going to keep going. Screw harmony — this had become a war between me and the mosquitoes. And then more mosquitoes came. I turned around. I changed my mind. I changed my direction. And the mosquitoes disappeared. Not all at once but with each step and each thought that it is stupid for me to keep doing something that is causing me stress and pain — I felt happier and the mosquitoes were gone.

carpThe place I walked today is called Bullhead Point named for the bullhead fish (which looks similar to this carp). Next time I walk there, I hope I can call it Harmony Bay.

So what is the one word that describes you? Are you walking down a stressful path today expecting to find harmony along the way?

I hope you have found your harmonious path.