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“Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud,” by Maya Angelou.

On July 4th — it was a best day and it was a worst day. The details are not what matters. What matters is that the great thing happened first and I didn’t think I could be in a better mood. And then something happened to upset me. What I found was that I quickly forgot about the good thing and kept thinking about the bad thing — over and over and over. I had dealt with the issue but my brain just kept thinking about it. And then I stopped. And I changed my mind. I decided I would focus on the good thing that happened. I thank all of you for that. I thought about my previous posts and about your supportive comments and I chose happy. Right after I did, I looked out and for a half hour saw the most amazing beauty and I thought, This is what my insides felt like when I was happy today and I want more of that.

To me this is what happy — what love looks like.

I felt as if I was part of the light. And then the moment was over. When all that beauty gave way to the darkness, for the tiniest fraction of a second, I felt like I was back to earlier today. When one moment I was elated and the next I was angry. And I changed my mind. I couldn’t hold onto THIS beautiful moment. But it didn’t mean that ALL beautiful moments were gone from my life and there would never be another to equal this one. I just had to remember that beauty and love come in many forms and from many different places. And there in a different part of the sky — I again felt I was part of the light.


What does happy look like to you?