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Image8flag“Independence? That is middle class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth,” by George Bernard Shaw.

I went looking for a quote today that went along with what is in my heart. This came pretty close. Today, I awoke when I wanted. Ate what I wanted. Went to visit a friend when I wanted. Am writing what I want on this blog. It is a beautiful day. The Fourth of July is the day to celebrate freedom in the US. I’ll save the heavy stuff for a post tomorrow — sometimes one needs a day of lightness to better be able to face the darkness.

So today, I offer you a question: Do you live in a good country? This question is not about freedom or morals or ethics or wealth or technological advances or happiness. This question is about realizing what your country does has an impact on every other country. All of what your country does — pollution — charity — stand on human trafficking — aggression toward other countries…

So what country do you think ranks highest on the Good Country Index? Where would place your country? Of course, I have a TED talk for you that will give you the answer and a few questions to think about. I hope you had a freer, happier, more love-filled day than yesterday.