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Image1metallichearts“Why do we wait for the calendar to tell us to celebrate? Why don’t we celebrate everyday?” by Colleen O’Brien

Yesterday was my blogiversary. This week there will be a few birthdays to celebrate. And tomorrow is the US’s Independence Day.

All this celebrating made me wonder a few things about celebrations:

Most of the special days aren’t celebrated on the actual day the event occurred. We celebrate them when we do for the convenience of making a long weekend. How did we let this happen?

If you turn TV on — Presidents’ Day and Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas and… are about buying stuff and more stuff. How did celebrating become equated with buying a new car or dining room set?

christamasCelebrations are often cause for trashing our budgets, the environment and our health. The twenty-first birthday (and most that follow) are cause to go out and get drunk. If we’re not loading ourselves up with alcohol then we are loading ourselves up with sugar — birthday cakes, Christmas cookies, Valentine chocolates. How  many people celebrate by taking a hike in nature?

Don’t get me wrong I love getting presents and eating sweet treats and occasionally having a glass of wine. But what I wonder is why do we load all this up on a few special days? It’s like watching a couple fight everyday and then they go out to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Why not celebrate each other’s love every single day?

I did not announce my blogiversary yesterday because I already felt celebrated. Each person who pushed the “like” button or left a comment or reblogged me or wonders of all wonders those who have chosen to “follow” me for the last — now 366 days — have celebrated my life and words and photos with me every day so I did not feel the need to pause for a day — I just wanted to keep celebrating with you. Thank you.

I celebrated my day yesterday as I do almost everyday — with Nature. I enjoyed the wind and rain and sun and the waxing crescent moon and the fireflies that lit up my backyard. As I do everyday — I look forward to sharing a few of those moments with you. Image2bugImage3hummingbirdWhile trying to take a picture of a pretty bug (and being voraciously attacked by mosquitoes) there was a loud thrumming noise next to my leg. I looked down and there was a ruby-throated hummingbird millimeters from my leg. Not my best photo but my first photo of a hummingbird followed.

I love butterflies and dragonflies — both made an appearance to celebrate with me. After the rain came a very long-lasting rainbow and a bunny. Image5bunnyeat

Image5rainbowThank you for taking a moment to share my blogiversary celebration with me. For those who like data and statistics and competition — here are a few of my blog facts (as of the typing of this post). I’ve turned it into a bit of a scavenger hunt to other people’s blogs and a few of my posts.

My first follower was Guess Who?

My top three commenters are: First Place, Second Place, Third Place.

Besides my home country of the US, of the 49 countries that have visited my site, the top three are (drum roll please): Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The first comment I received was: “I wish you all the best — you deserve it!”

My last comment I received was: “I have to wait for more people to die first.” Have fun finding the posts these were from.

My three most commented posts were: First Place, Second Place, Third Place.

And the most visited posts: First Place, Second Place, Third Place.

I hope you celebrate today what has filled your heart with love. Thank you for all your love and support. What is your favorite way to celebrate?