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Image1ducks“The fellow who says he’ll meet you halfway usually thinks he’s standing on the dividing line,” by Orlando Aloysius Battista.

Today, I have passed the halfway mark toward keeping my New Year’s Resolution to write one blog post a day for a year. Part of me is relieved. I made it halfway, of course, I can make it the rest of the way. But part of me is stressed. Seriously, after writing 183 posts what the heck am I going to write for the next 182?

**Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? What was it? And here’s the big question — have you kept it?

I’ve never been one to make resolutions. I did it this year partly on a whim and I think partly because I was alone on New Year’s Eve and truly did want more love in my life. I believe I have kept the resolution because:

I declared it in writing in a public forum.

I don’t like to let other people down.

It gave me something to focus on each day other than my MCS disability.

I enjoy what I’m doing interacting and sharing with each of you.

I feel there is a purpose to what I am doing.

I feel I have grown as a writer and photographer and as a person.

I’m curious as to where this series is going to take me each day.

I have no reason to quit and many reasons to keep going.

I changed my mind as to where I place the priority on my time.

I’m enjoying the connection with each of you.

Each post I completed made me more certain that I could accomplish the resolution.

You don’t need to wait until New Years to make a resolution. If you decide to make one whether it is to lose weight or stop yelling at the kids or fix your marriage — here are a few of my suggestions:

Change how you view your “normal”.

Only declare your resolution to people who will fully support you. (Not the people you wish supported you but never do).

Make connections.

View it as a chance to grow.

Have fun with the change. If you approach it as a chore or painful — it’s not going to last.

If you slip up, view it as a learning experience. And share what you’ve learned.

What suggestions do you have for keeping your resolutions?