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“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it,” by Confucius.

What is beauty?

I love art deco/craftsmen style homes — ultra-modern not so much.

I think chipmunks are adorable — rats not so cute.

I come alive around the color yellow — feel depressed around the color pink.

Yesterday, I watched a video (see it here) where a young woman sent her unretouched photo around the world to photoshop experts and asked them to “Make me beautiful.” My first thought was: You’re already beautiful. It was interesting to see how people from around the world view beauty. I have had men tell me I am unattractive and others tell me I am beautiful. Why? Is it cultural? Is it status? If we look back at history what was considered beautiful often was dictated by what the queen wore or the First Lady or the top movie star. Can we alter what people think is beautiful by putting a higher price tag on it? I’ve watched Antiques Roadshow and the transformation goes something like this… “I brought this hideous painting in today that I normally keep hidden in my closet. But it was in my husband’s family and my mother-in-law insisted I bring it today. The expert appraiser informs her it is worth $100,000. The woman responds, “How wonderful. I will definitely hang it in a place of honor now.”

Today, I asked my dad to look at some photos. I am entering a photo contest and can only enter four pics. I was hoping that he would pick one of the three photos of great blue herons that I showed him and then three other varied shots of the lake. He picked all three photos of the great blue heron AND gave me the same reason for liking them that I like them. So I’ll ask you which photo do you find “beautiful”? I made the choice more difficult and gave you five. And of course you may find none of them to your liking.

One Image11heron

Two Image1herons

Three Image2heron

Four Image3heron

Five Image4heron


Thanks for your beauty.