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“Why don’t they pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting anybody from learning anything. If it works as well as prohibition did, in five years Americans would be the smartest race of people on Earth,” by Will Rogers.

Apparently, UK doctors want to prohibit anyone born 2000 and after from buying cigarettes. (see the article) Since cigarette smoke makes me very ill — I would love if it cigarettes no longer existed on the planet. Just as I would love to no longer be exposed to fragrances or pesticides. The question is: Has there ever been a law passed in the US that everyone followed? Prostitution?  Illegal gambling? Drugs? Running red lights? Maybe this will work in Britain. But the US? I heard today that we have 2.5 million people in jail. Seriously how many more laws do we need for people to break.

The one thing that has worked to “encourage” people to smoke less or consume less gas by driving less — raise the prices. Americans are very motivated by money. And instead of spending the extra money on gross-me-out-TV ads to encourage people to quit smoking — give the money to people who are taking care of the environment and their health. The article says that most kids start smoking as teens. Why not take the extra money and spend it on kids who are choosing NOT to smoke. From my experience as a teacher — few kids smoked who were in music groups or played sports or were in drama or joined clubs. Most of the kids who smoked did so because they wanted to belong to something. They didn’t fit in with the “official” clubs so they created their own. If we spent money on these kids before they started smoking to make them feel wanted and part of the larger scheme of things — I bet a lot fewer kids would smoke.

If there was an electric car sold for $10,000 and a traditional gas fueled car for $20,000 — all other things being equal which do you think people would buy? If unscented laundry soap cost $5 a gallon and scented laundry soap cost $15 a gallon — which are you going to buy? If people had to pay a lot of money for cigarettes and people who didn’t smoke got a break on their taxes or an incentive check — which would you pick? Smoking or not smoking and having a lot more money?

It goes against my beliefs that things should be done because of money. However, most people don’t seem to believe what I believe. I asked people at work to not wear perfume so I could keep my job and my health. Out of a few hundred adults — a couple did. The vast majority did not. Do you think if I offered everyone I worked with say $1000 to not wear fragrance to work — how many do you think would stop wearing it who didn’t before?

I don’t mean to sound cynical but we are living in a very narcissistic society here in America. Most people want to know what is in it for them before they make a change. If we want kids to stop smoking or stop wearing fragrances or stop smoking pot — we’re going to have to convince them of what is in it for them. And then once they are a using more of their adult brain maybe we can teach them some yoga or meditation and help transition them from making decisions from the outside inward to making them from the inside outward.

What’s you craziest idea for getting kids to not smoke? Or do illegal drugs? Etc.?