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“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift,” by Steve Prefontaine.

This was the beginning — middle — end of the my day.

Some days your best is not stepping on the snake that is hanging out on your front steps.

Some days your best is spending 11 hours helping with a garage sale which isn’t yours and not being able to go in the garage because too many people have fragrance on.

Some days your best is going for a walk at dusk because a friend wants to and getting bitten by mosquitoes (a lot) .

The gift given and received by doing your best is the realization that love doesn’t involve sacrifice. Love involves looking past things that scare you. Love involves freely giving of yourself. Love involves putting someone else’s needs first and it not seeming like you’ve given up anything but rather that you’ve gained everything.

Hope you had a chance to do your very best today.



P.S. I hit publish on this last night and found it as a draft this morning — so enjoy.