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“Everyone in America likely has a bullying story, whether as the victim, bully or as the witness,” by Michael M. Honda.

I think the important part of talking about things that are “wrong” is so that they can be changed. As a former teacher, I have often experienced and written about “helicopter parents”. Today is about kids and parents who get it right. As with most great life lessons it starts with a “wrong”. Seven-year-old Cameron — got together a group of kids — and teased another boy until he cried because he had brought a Barbie doll to school.


** The teachers (witnesses) intervened and said no way to the bullying.

**The parents had a choice: A.) Say, “My kid would never do that.” And start yelling at the teachers and blaming the other kid and his parents. OR B.) The parents could explain why this action was wrong and have their son apologize. Thankfully for all watching — the parents chose CHOICE B.

** The bully — 7-year-old Cameron wrote a letter of apology to the little boy he had bullied.

** Cameron’s parents apologized to the other boy’s parents.

** Cameron did the three vital steps to making an apology: say, “I’m sorry.” while actually meaning it, tell why he was sorry, and have the intention to NEVER do that action again.


** Cameron took it to the Fourth Level of an Apology that few people get to. He made amends. He made a youtube video to help other kids see why bullying is wrong. He started an anti-bullying program WITH the kid he bullied. He uses positive peer pressure to help others not bully or be bullied.

There is no greater act of love than changing your view of another from an enemy to a friend.

I’ve included the youtube video that Cameron made with his brother and the link to his interview on the Today Show. They’re heartwarming and great teaching tools.

Anti-bully video (Interview on Today Show)

Today’s Intention: be a positive peer. 

What about you? Do you have an example of positive peer pressure that has worked for you? Of the four steps to an apology how many do you employ? What do you think we need to do to end bullying?