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“Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive it isn’t,” by Richard Bach.



After I took this photo I pondered: Are the branch, rocks and lake water real or are they an illusion? I could answer of course they are real — I took a photo of them didn’t I? One could argue the photo is the PROOF of the existence of the branch, rocks, and lake water. If you went to this exact spot — you would not find exactly these rocks or exactly those molecules of water and it would be highly unlikely that the branch would still be there. So is it real?

If some day we develop the technology to take pictures of our dreams would that then be proof that what happens in our dreams is real? We’d have a picture to hold in our hands so it must be so?!

A Course in Miracles teaches that the world is an illusion made by man to essentially separate ourselves from God. In the last 24 hours I thought of this a lot. When I am in my garden being bitten by mosquitoes, pulling weeds, my back aching — this does not feel like an illusion. But when I went to sleep last night and had my nighttime illusions called dreams — they felt just as real. And then I had the divine intervention happen with the robin yesterday. When the robin flew away free — for just a moment — I truly felt alive.

I have no pictures or proof to show how the bird was freed. And thus the word faith. As the bird dangled by the fishing line — in the moment I asked for grace and suspended my logical mind — the bird flew free. I seriously only touched the branch I was holding to the branch the bird was entangled and it was like a moment from Harry Potter.  Harry says some cool words and touches his wand to something and magic happened. I asked Jesus for help and touched my branch to another branch and a miracle happened.

As I walked out of the woods yesterday, I spotted a crow (my spirit bird) on top of a telephone pole some distance away. I was going to take a picture but I figured by the time I got close it would take off and it wouldn’t be a great shot with the pole in it. Besides my mind was more on worrying about the bird. I stressed over the fact that it might have a fishhook stuck in its chest. For the 3 or 4 minutes it took to get near the crow — it just sat motionless on the pole watching me walk nearer. When I was almost to the pole it started to pluck at its chest — pulling on its feathers. Yes, this was the same spot on its chest that the robin had hung suspended by the hook. After doing this repeatedly for a minute or so the crow silently and gracefully dove off the pole and flew away. I had my second miracle in less than 5 minutes. I knew the message was the robin would be fine.

I used to think that miracles were big things and happened only once in a while. Yesterday, I truly understood that miracles are supposed to be our normal state. They are supposed to happen all the time and to everyone. That the illusion is that miracles are rare — that we need to do something to deserve them. The only thing we NEED to DO is ALLOW ourselves to RECEIVE the miracle.

Any miracles you’d like to share today?