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Image2clouds“Find the place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain,” by Joseph Campbell.

If one has gone beyond a “worst moment” then they have found joy and purpose. I have written about a few of my worst moments on this blog: the death of my father, the epiphany that I would never be a perfect mom, being bullied and attacked with toxic fragrances, the loss of my job, friends, health and identity as a result of MCS. I cannot say I am quite to joy but having gone through a very dark tunnel, I now see the light that is drawing me forward. I am at peace with my past because all those trials and tribulations gave me all the nuances of who I am today.

Image22angelsSadness does not come because of the pain from my past nor from the limitations MCS has placed on my present — because I now know that the pain and limitations were only boundaries I chose to set for myself. I indeed have limitless love and potential and faith. Sadness sneaks up on me when I realize that if awareness does not happen then millions more people will be poisoned as I have and develop MCS and have to face that long dark tunnel and some of them will not have the spirituality and MCS sisters and the wisdom from past struggles to see them through. The darkness will engulf them and they will not believe that the light gets stronger and stronger as they find that MCS does not make us victims– it makes us the angels’ advocates.

Image1gardenI find joy that I no longer poison my world with these chemicals. I find joy that I am willing to speak out and tell others the truth. I find joy knowing that awareness is happening and change is here. I find joy that I live in a country where I can speak the truth and not be stoned to death or imprisoned for life. I find joy that because I spoke out people have stopped using this toxic chemicals BEFORE they were diagnosed with MCS. I find joy that when I do an internet search for “organic food”–  I see the words “sales are skyrocketing”.

Image1ME002May is MCS Awareness Month if you’re still using toxic fragrances — I will be here waiting when you’re ready to emerge from the dark tunnel. When you realize that you have poisoned yourself via your scented candles, home and car air fresheners, scented deodorant, perfume/cologne, toxic cleaning products …. When you realize the law does not protect you from being poisoned by these products. When you realize — yes it can happen to you and your child and your spouse.

Vote. Vote with your dollars. There are a few companies that have found a way to make a profit AND not kill us in the process. EWG has a great website for researching the toxicity of personal care and cleaning products.  If you don’t believe me — I understand — I have a science background — data … data… data. Do the research.

Image3oswegolighthouseThose of us with MCS are blogging to offer you the knowledge so that MCS doesn’t become one of your worst moments. But if it already is or you find that the enlightenment that your toxic “scented” products are poisoning you came too late — I and the community of MCS bloggers will be here as the light at the end of the tunnel. For a while the diagnosis of MCS maybe a worst moment for you and I’m not going to say that life will be easy — but it will only rob you of joy if you choose that path. It can also give you the joy of purpose.

Image4ospreyImage9flowerblossomsI was at first saddened when I discovered that this is not an US problem — MCS is a global problem. Until I realized that instead of a few million voices speaking out for global change there are a few billion voices. Imagine what a few billion voices speaking as one: for a clean environment, non-toxic products, clean energy, organic fresh food, accountability for those who have and are poisoning the earth and all of her inhabitants… Imagine what that world would be like.

If you’ve had a worst moment — MCS or otherwise I think you will find this TED talk very inspiring.


Today’s Intention: Pray that next May we don’t need a “May is MCS Awareness Month” because the human race woke up in the previous year that they are poisoning themselves AND STOPPED.



If you’re still using “fragrance” in your products I would love to hear why. Ditto for toxic cleaning supplies and pesticides. If you stopped using these products did you find any adverse affects or were they all positive?