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Image44fall“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say ‘thank you?'” by William Arthur Ward.

Today’s Intention: Say thank you. 

Thank you to my 210 followers — all the visitors who have pushed the like button — all the people who have left uplifting/thought-provoking/amusing/heartfelt comments.

Thank you to the waitress today who was swamped because it was graduation weekend —  but knew I would have trouble with my MCS and rushed my order ahead of everyone else and went and turned on the air to circulate fresh air for me.

Image10riverThank you to the President of the Fulton Art Association who invited me to come view the art show before it opens so I don’t have to deal with fragrances.

Thank you to my parents and friends, who have supported me emotionally, physically, spiritually as I’ve adjusted to a life disabled with MCS,

Thank you to every person on this planet who has gone fragrance free.

Thank you God for the blue skies, the soaring Caspian terns and osprey, the rippling waves, and the fresh breeze in my face.

Image5ternThank you to each blogger who has written or read a post this month of May to spread the awareness of MCS and the need for action.

Thank you to my cats for reminding me all 86,400 seconds of the day what unconditional love is and that one does not need to wear makeup or perfume to be beautiful.

Thank you to all the other spiritual warriors who chose to spread love instead of fear today.

Thank you to the company that spread pesticides instead of fertilizer all over a campus lawn for clearly demonstrating the deadly effects of pesticides and why they need to be banned.

Image3deerThank you to the inventor of the camera, Joe for helping me pick it out, my dad for going to the store to get it, God for giving me the gift to use it and each person who has enjoyed stopping by each Sunday for by weekly slideshow. The more we appreciate nature the less likely we are to destroy it.

Image10sunsetThank for each person who has sent me positive energy and thoughts , who has prayed for me, and taught me to find the good in each day.

I could keep going but I would love to hear some  of the things you are thankful for.