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“Why are ye fearful? O ye of little faith,” (Mathew 8:26)

Image2caspianternI began today as I have the last week. I got up and went to start my day by the lake. Before I walked today, I let Florence Scovel Shinn’s compilation of four books fall open in my hands. I decided whatever was on that page would be my affirmation of the day. It said not to be fearful. I didn’t go for anything big — just that the Caspian terns that had been at the lake the day before would still be there. I had never seen them before and had great fun watching them dive into the water and come out with a fish the day before.

I saw no terns. But I kept at my affirmation, “Why are ye fearful? O ye of little faith.” And I saw the terns heading to the other side of the lake. And I smiled. I kept at my affirmation and believed that when I was finished with my walk they would be on this side of the lake.

Just before I entered the woods, I got a “sign” to continue to be very aware of my thoughts. I don’t know of a spiritual book that does not teach to control your thoughts. Fearful thoughts bring fear. Loving thoughts bring love. What you think about — you get. Last night I was looking up the tern in my bird book because I didn’t know which kind it was — I decided I enjoyed looking at all the birds so I went through the whole book. I stopped at the Scarlet Tanager and thought — Wow! Would I love to see one of those! 


And here is my “thought” fearlessly manifested.

Intention: Think about only those things I actually want in my life. 

When I got done with my walk, the terns were all on this side of the lake. Five were skiddish — but one fearlessly flew back and forth in front of me doing his fishing.


And here is my “thought” fearlessly manifested.



I fearlessly have faith that we are all loved today. Have you noticed the more you think about something, the more likely it is to occur?