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Image (44)Image (30)“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face,” by George Eliot.

I had a C-section and some issues with the anesthesia afterwards so it was a few hours until I could hold my son. I still remember as I turned him so we were face to face the moment his eyes locked with mine. There was a light in his eyes that said, “There you are!”

Today’s Intention: Wish all women a Happy Mother’s Day.

One might say that ALL women are not mothers but I would disagree. A little girl is a mother to her doll. A teen to her kitten or puppy. A young woman to the children she babysits or teaches or the neighbor kids she takes the time to bond with. Women are mothers when they adopt and when they go through labor. Women are also mothers when they become aunts and cousins. A woman may choose to not bond with a child. And yet, what does she become when her own mother becomes an elder? She becomes a mother to the woman who gave her life.

So to all women today I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

Image11waxwingImage67flowersToday I will spend time with both my mothers. First I will walk in the woods and then I will garden. I will show Mother Earth how much I love her. And then I will spend the afternoon with the woman who gave me life and nurtured me when I was sick and encouraged me when I was down and lifted me up so that I could achieve beyond my dreams.

Whether you never knew your mom or she was nasty or she is the most loving woman on the planet — remember please — that she nurtured you the best way she knew how. It is all I can ask of my son. There are so many moments that in hindsight I would do over but at that moment — I did the best I knew how. I know no perfect mother but I know a lot who are doing their best. Today many will write about their wonderful moms and this is amazing. But if you are the child who had a less than loving childhood — a child who wished they had a different mom — please find a space in your heart to bless the woman who gave you life or raised you — and acknowledge they did the best they could. Even if your mom didn’t give you joy in your childhood — she did give you life and now you are free to choose to have a whole lifetime to experience joy and happiness and love because of that gift.

Image3flowerImage1gardenIf you have no human mother to spend the day with — I hope you get to spend time with Mother Earth. She shares her fields of flowers and soothing bird songs and invigorating breezes with all her children.  And from this daughter with MCS, remember, if you wouldn’t spray pesticides on your human mother — please don’t spray them on Mother Earth.

How will you spend Mother’s Day today. Or for those in the UK how did you spend Mother’s Day?