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“If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in midst of the blackest storm,” by Mahatma Gandhi.

Image4cloudsI love this quote because this morning I awoke to a thunderstorm. At first I thought the storm would interfere with my walk and taking photos. I looked at the radar and in about 20 minutes the tip of another storm was going to pass over my town. But I decided to have faith that only clear skies were before me. I can’t say the skies were entirely clear, but not a raindrop fell during my two-hour walk.

I certainly needed patience taking photos of the birds. The birds were way more interested in chasing each other than holding still for me. The only creatures that seemed to want to hold still were the punkies (little black flies). They were all good with trying to fly in my ear, up my nose and to rest on my face. But Nature teaches me all I need to know. Each species of bird has their own rules for being photographed. But with patience each will slowly let you share their world.

Image3catbirdImage1roundhoglnI hadn’t seen a catbird in some time. When I walked Round Hog Lane four days ago I finally saw one. He wouldn’t come near and certainly didn’t want his photo taken. I had to prove myself first. Was I trust worthy? Did I respect his ways? Did I revere the woods as much as he did?

Day 1: barely glimpsed catbird.

Image6catbirdDay 2: I saw him a couple of times and he paused to let me take his picture and then he was off again.

Image2catbirdDay 3: I saw him a bunch of times. I was accepted as a creature that belonged in the woods. But I was not accepted into the catbird family.

Image2catbird Image3catbirdDay 4: I have a new BFF. Where ever I went so did the catbird. At one point, I was focused on taking a shot of a tree. And heard this soft mewing behind me. Someone needed attention. And yes, if you haven’t heard a catbird they get their name because they sound just like a cat.

Today’s Intention: Patience and Faith.ย 

What about you — have you had patience and then found what you waited for showed up in abundance?