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Image8smiletwig“A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside”, by Denis Waitley.

Today’s Intention: Smile no matter what — both on the outside and on the inside.

Image2cloudImage3cloudsI awoke to sunshine this morning. It seems so much easier to smile on a sunny day. I decided to do tasks I don’t especially like. I have done laundry and paid bills and organized my study. I felt invigorated. And then the “darkness” threatened. In 20 minutes the clouds rolled in both physically and metaphorically.

Four city trucks are in my neighborhoods spewing diesel fumes into to air as the workers collect my neighbors’ yard waste. Now on one hand it is great that our little city collects this organic matter and composts it and gives it back to the residents for free — but if my neighbors did their own composting then the smelly trucks wouldn’t be setting off my MCS. While I was trying to hang out my laundry — one of my neighbors is doing theirs — and unfortunately they are using scented laundry products and spewing toxic fumes into my breathing space.

Image1TWAs you read my words, you may get the sense that as the noxious fumes in my neighborhood have set off a headache and made me sick to my stomach that my smile is not very bright at the moment. And it is not.

Image5smileThis is the time when it is the most important for me to smile. It is easy to smile when someone remembers my birthday — it is much harder when they forget. It is easy to be joyful when someone asks me to marry them — it is much harder when they ask for a divorce. It is easy to love when someone loves me back — it is much harder when they are angry and mean.

Image1cloudsunsetWhen the sun slips behind a cloud it is still there. When night turns in to day the stars still shine brightly. When my body goes from healthy to ill, I am still loved by my family, by my friends, by myself … by God. Pain and illness may seem to veil my smile but the light still shines deep within me. My smile — my light — my love is indestructible — eternal — unwavering.

I hope you get to smile on the outside and the inside today.