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Image2river“Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature,” by Eric Hoffer.

Image1bugsYesterday, I dumped some stuff on my compost pile and noticed the air was filled with tiny bugs. And then, I was looking out my window and noticed a spider web filled with bugs and I wondered… Did the spider know to put the web in just that spot to collect a lifetime supply of bugs or was it random? And then moments later, I saw that the swallows had returned. They are like mini jets doing battle maneuvers. They zim around — dive and twist and turn as they go after bugs for their supper. For a short time every year I have hundreds of swallows in the fields next to me. Most move on but a few stay. Was it random that they returned the same time there was an explosion of bugs?

Image8birdswireImage2birdsThis morning I read the above quote and I wondered… is nature random. Or is the converse true? Creativity is the ability to introduce randomness into the order of nature. Animals and plants don’t seem to have any need to be creative. They are as they are. An apple seed produces an apple tree. The roots of the tree know to grow downward and the branches upward. Flowers bloom and bees buzz. By definition creativity is introducing something new and of value. Species other than humans seem to be interested in living rather than creating or inventing anything new.

It doesn’t take 18 years or more for a horse to teach a foal what it is to be a horse. The foal stands up almost immediately — wobbles around a bit — and is off running. This is not creativity — this is being. It’s humans that don’t seem to know what it means to be a human being. Every other species on the planet seems to know instinctively how to “be” from birth and more importantly remain in that state of “being” and we don’t.





By the age of about 3 or 4, we’ve taught children they’re not enough. It is not enough to laugh and play and be joyful. We teach learning should come before instinct. Labels should come before acceptance. Striving should come before inner peace. College diplomas are better than high school diplomas. $100,000 a year is a better salary than $50,000 a year. First place you’re a success and fourth place you’re a wannabe.

Today’s Intention: Balance out my human side with my being side.

Image2noxI wonder if asked, “What species are you?” what would a cat answer? And if a person were asked, what would he/she answer? Would most say they were human or a human being? It seems the same but I think not. The human side is our bodies. The being side is our spirit. The body cannot create love. Love comes from our source or our being. I hope if we any of us create today — we create LOVE.



What do you think creativity is? Do you feel more aligned with your human or being side? Or are you in balance? Do you think nature is random or ordered?