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Image1noxloki“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier,” by Mother Theresa.

Today’s Intention: Pay It Forward.

The last day in April is Pay It Forward Day. This day is inspired by the movie of the same name. Rent it and have a box of tissues handy if you’ve never seen it. The idea is that one person does three random acts of kindness. And then each person who received an act of kindness does three acts of kindness.

Image1skyI have no idea how I’m going to Pay It Forward today. With MCS I have limited ability to be around other people — limited funds — and limited energy. But this is why it is important for me of all people to Pay It Forward — if I can do it anyone can.

Image1ME002My limitations are a great reminder to keep it simple. Love doesn’t need frills and fireworks. I’ve never been one to be overtly social but being house-bound with MCS — I’ve learned to open up a bit. When I go to breakfast with my dad (very early) it tends to be an older crowd — often people eating alone. It’s crazy how much a person’s face can light up if you smile at them or say hello on the way by. We kid with the waitresses rather than just give our order. One waitress said she has started smelling as people walk in to see if they are going to present a problem for me. How kind is that!

christamasIn Day 11 In the Pursuit of Love, I wrote about a few altruistic acts. I guess you’ll have to tune in to Day 115 to find out if I managed to Pay It Forward. Luckily, I view this day like Earth Day — it should be practiced everyday.

What ways do you Pay It Forward? What are some fun/cool ways people have shown you a random act of kindness?