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Image2cemetary“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late,” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Today’s Intention: To live as if it is the last moment I will see each person I interact with today. Not from the perspective that I’m going to perish but that they are.

Image1pollutionYesterday was Earth Day and I wondered, Is it too late? Are the streams too polluted to ever be clean enough to fish from? Are there too many tons of greenhouse gases in the air to make climate change a thing of the past rather than the cause of our future extinction? Will love and kindness ever be first on the government’s agenda ahead of greed and power?

Image14cloudsYesterday, it rained most of the day. I thought about the suggestions I had made in my many posts. I thought when I went to bed how this had been one of my least active Earth Day’s ever. Previous years I had picked up litter — I had been an earth science teacher — organizing events — helping to spruce up the school grounds. Yesterday, I had written two blog posts and meditated — big deal right?

Image16linearparkI also went for a walk yesterday. It was dinner time and the rain had paused, but the black clouds to the west foretold of more precipitation to come. My intuition urged me to take the walk anyway. I hesitated at my door, more cars than normal were going up my street. That would be 3 cars if you wondered. This may be funny to a “normal” person living in big city. But I have MCS and each of those cars spewing exhaust could be debilitating to me. And yet, I had the urge to go anyway.

I rounded the turn to the elementary school to have 3 teenage girls walk toward me. I again stopped and thought of turning back. I imagined the plume of perfume that was going to emanate from their cute little selves and I crossed the street.

There were 4 buses in the drop off circle at the school. I again hesitated and thought of turning back. There are not many things more noxious than the fumes from a school bus — and 4 of them were about to pass in front of me. While I waited a diesel pick-up truck passed by. I felt like I had entered the maze of death. But the truck kept me on the left side of the road and after waiting for the fumes to clear — I walked on. I was so into my own fears that I almost missed them.

At first, I noticed the male mallard. His body language communicated protection. And so I looked closer. The female was in a rut having a little splash around. In respect to their space. I crossed the road. And that was my first shift.

Image1ladybugImage4snakeThat was my Earth Day moment. I didn’t have to stop everyone from wearing perfume or shut down all the chemical companies or convince everyone to use solar power. I needed to be aware. I needed to be respectful of the rights of the creatures I shared this planet with. I needed to be kind — rather than arrogant.

Image8treebudsThe rest of the walk around the school was peaceful and chemical free. It wasn’t until I was at the upper part of the bus circle that I noticed him. An older gentleman was looking in the door of the school. The black clouds were hovering over my head now. And I started to power walk for home. And my instinct said look again. The gentleman had walked away from the door and I noticed his body language. And I hollered, “Are you alright?”

His answers to my questions came out in a rush. I’m supposed to pick up my granddaughter. No one is here. The buses that were here were elementary kids. There’s no softball practice here.”

When I told him he was on the wrong side of the building for pick-ups. He released this big breath that he had apparently been holding. I told him how to get in the building and I walked on. And I felt myself shift. One moment of my time made a difference. My being aware in that moment — made a difference.

Image2woodpeckerI think many opportunities for kindness are missed because we are too into our own thoughts to listen to our intuition, even and especially, when the outside world may be telling us to turn the other way. I think opportunities for kindness are missed because we think that they have to be big gestures, when a little one will do just fine. I think opportunities for kindness are missed because we think we will have plenty of time to schedule that in when we are not so busy or tired, and of course, we have our whole lives to live and love. But do we? Or do we only have just this one moment and no other?

I hope today that we all leave no room for regrets. We indeed never know if this is the last or only moment with we will have with someone. I hope this moment finds you expressing your love.



What are you aware of this moment? Did you ever regret not expressing your love and then it was too late? Did you get to enjoy the beauty of nature for Earth Day?