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buds“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life,” by Rachel Carson.

Image1rockHappy Earth Day, World. God Bless Rachel Carson for starting the environmental movement and Gaylord Nelson for starting the Earth Day Movement. For more about Earth Day past and present go here.

If we lined up a few people and asked what do you see? The answers would probably be very different. So what do you see in this photo?


Did you notice what was most prominent in front of you? Or were you drawn to the peacefulness of the water? Did you notice part of the tug boat or the fort?

And now what do you see?


And now?


Some people see a wide angle shot of the world with lots of details — others their focus is on one object or goal. This is a picture of Fort Ontario built in the 1840s. The three previous forts that were built on the site were destroyed in various wars. This is a place of violence. Or is it? This is also the Safe Haven Site. The only place in the US that gave refuge to Nazi Holocaust victims during the war. This is a place of refuge.

Image14rockImage1lakeoToday’s Intention: Encourage people to look at the world in the way that is opposite of their norm. If you generally look at the big sweeping picture — try stopping and looking a one small area and take in every little detail. If you tend to be a person who gets caught up in tiny details — trying letting your eyes rest on nothing in particular today.

Image2lakeIf we want to change ourselves or the world I would propose it’s not going to happen by looking at things as we have always done. It’s easier to say, “it’s not my problem” if you hurry on by. It is much tougher to walk by a homeless person if you’ve looked into their eyes. It makes one think before leaving a piece of litter on the ground if you stop and stare at it. It is difficult to avoid someone’s pain if you take the time to call them and ask how they are and you hear the strain in their voice.

Today, I’m seeing many details so I may just do a few posts on Earth Day. I hope you get to enjoy some of the beauty of nature today and you get a chance to nurture the Earth and all her creatures — especially yourself.

Much Love,


What part of nature brings you the most serenity? How do you see the world — broad sweeping views or minute details?