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Image1pollutionImage2hawk“It is often when night looks darkest, it is often before the fever breaks that one senses the gathering momentum for change, when one feels that resurrection of hope in the midst of despair and apathy,” by Hillary Clinton.

This post is really a continuation of yesterday’s post and comments. 

Image3lakeoWhat really came out of that discussion is that there is a tsunami of apathy breaking across the borders of virtually every country on this planet. Allowing an insane greed to fill the coffers of a few whilst laying waste to pristine wildernesses, tainting our once breathable air with toxins, and converting our lakes and seas into water more impure than the water found in most toilets.

Image21garden3We have solutions to virtually every environmental problem on the planet. Those making the rules and the money don’t want us to think that we have a choice — that we can make an impact — that there are healthier, cheaper, solutions to the issues that are destroying our planet. What if ALL government subsidies went to only ORGANIC FARMING, only CLEAN SOURCES OF ENERGY, only FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES?! What if people got tax deductions for riding their bike to work or volunteering to help beautify a community or to growing their own garden?! What if politicians were not allowed to take money from any organizations/companies but only from private citizens and then there would be a cap of say $1000?! And there was a cap on how much politicians could spend on their campaigns? So that all citizens had a chance to represent the people and not just the wealthiest elite. Would this encourage politicians to vote with their hearts and their communities in mind rather than how much money they need to run in the next election or what they can get out of the deal? (I know I’m assuming you live in country where one believes one’s vote actually counts).

Image1squrrelgarbageImage3garbageThis week I promised to write about Earth Day and Love. Just listing problems isn’t enough. And just listing solutions isn’t enough. We need to understand why we as a species we have allowed ourselves to be apathetic for so long. One can’t be loving and apathetic. It is impossible. So if you want to be more loving than we need to figure out how to eliminate the apathy from our lives.

Image15sunriseI know easier said than done. Just being aware that I am apathetic toward some issues is the starting point. Apathy and awareness cannot exist together anymore than darkness and light can co-exist. Light always wins. Just try turning on the light switch and keeping the dark too. Try watching yesterday’s video and becoming aware of the effects of removing oil from the tar sands and then do nothing and then stay apathetic.

It is impossible.

Maybe you’ll get up and turn off the lights you don’t need on to conserve energy. Or you’ll sign a petition. Or you’ll write about this issue on your blog. Or you’ll discuss it with someone else. Or maybe you’ll decide this isn’t an issue that you are passionate about and you will turn your attention to something else. Or maybe you’ll decide that you support the tar sands project. But this is not doing nothing — this is not apathy. This is a choice. Apathy is when there is something we perceive as wrong and we take no action because we are fearful (of failing, of being inadequate, of being powerless…) .

I have turned on the light switch — if you want to remain in the darkness — you are in the wrong place. The seed of hope has been planted and we will shine the light of love on that seed and it will grow.

This seven minute TED talk — does a great job of opening up the conversation.



Please share what you’ve done to shift yourself from being apathetic — whether it is toward your environment or mate or job… What I loved about yesterday’s comments were that the women who got riled up over the issue didn’t just vent — they both immediately did something. They both immediately did research and offered solutions. What are you willing to do today — this minute — to make a change?