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Image1deer“Anything else you’re interested in doing is not going to happen if you can’t drink the water or breathe the air. Don’t sit this one out. Do something,” by Carl Sagan.

Image4moonIt amazes me that we have gone to the moon over 40 years ago, and yet, we still do not support using clean energy sources. Notice I said SUPPORT and not HAVE a clean use of energy. Wind and solar power are not perfect but they certainly have a much lower impact on the global environment then coal, gas and oil. This will not change until consumers change. There is no reason to drill for oil or rip apart mountains for coal unless someone is willing to buy it.

A few years back the gas prices skyrocketed in our area. This didn’t entirely displease me. Why? Because it meant that people started carpooling, adjusted their thermostats, and otherwise sought ways to save — I was going to say “save energy” but really what they were doing was trying to “save money.” During this time, I overheard some colleagues stating that it took $75 to fill up their vehicle with gas. I was stunned. I said, “You spend $75 a month on gas?” They were stunned. “I wish. That is a week.” They were more stunned when they found out that I spent $25 a month.

Image5noxI made choices. Environmental choices — early in my career. I chose to live close to work. I chose to live in town where I could walk to the post office, bank, and grocery store… and to work if it wasn’t storming. I bought a compact car…

Today’s Intention: Reduce or offset my carbon emissions (with the goal  to have a zero impact on the planet).

Image7sunsetHow can I say that I want love for all — if I take actions that put some in harm’s way. It’s easy to disassociate ourselves. We flip a switch — the lights go on. We nudge a little plastic lever on a thermostat and the heat comes on. We turn a key and an engine roars to life. WHAT HAD TO HAPPEN TO OUR PLANET FOR US TO HAVE THESE CONVENIENCES?

If you only ever watch one TED talk I post — PLEASE — watch this one.  We are out of time to sit back and say this is not MY problem. We are ONE planet. We are ONE species. We are THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION. Not from asteroids or aliens. Not from bacteria or bad debt. BUT FROM: HUMAN GREED — HUMAN ARROGANCE — HUMAN APATHY. This is not someone else’s problem. This is not some other nation’s problem. This is not a problem for future generations to solve.

It’s YOUR problem and MY problem. It is the problem of all 7 plus billion people on this planet.